CivilMap users: Move to ServeManager

CivilMap teamed with ServeManager to transition their users over to ServeManager, the most popular software solution for service of process. Contact ServeManager to get started.

CivilMap Closes

In 2020, CivilMap announced that the software would be removed later in the year. The iPhone, Android and Android lite versions slowly began phasing out, with all capabilities and platforms shut down in October 2020. The team at CivilMap was proud to provide a legal support service software with time, date, GPS coordinates, customizable affidavits, eLogbooks, and much more.

Transition from CivilMap

CivilMap partnered with ServeManager to provide our remaining customers with a software solution that meets their needs. While CivilMap customers do not have to join ServeManager, the following benefits ease the transition:

  • Zoom demos / onboarding for your team
  • 14-day trial
  • 2 free months after your trial

Adjusting to New Software

ServeManager is happy to help discuss your transition plan and how we can best support you. While CivilMap is no longer accessible, ServeManager's features can often replace or enhance the workflow you are accustomed to in CivilMap.

CivilMap users will need to contact ServeManager to move over. CivilMap software will no longer be accessible in October 2020 and your data will not be automatically saved or moved over.

Contact ServeManager Now to Start your Transition

Please note that after October 30, 2020, you will no longer have access to CivilMap. Team ServeManager can assist you in getting set up on their product, but will not be able to answer questions about CivilMap or support the CivilMap software.

(800) 280-4400


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